Kick-off meeting of PICaboo project

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The kick-off meeting of PICaboo will take place remotely on 14-15/1/2021. The project’s duration is 3 years, from 1/1/2021 to 31/12/2023. The project coordinator is ICCS (GR) and the consortium is comprised from 5 more partners: TU/e (NL), III-V LAB (FR), VLC PHOTONICS (ESP), NOKIA Solutions and Networks (DE) and ADVA Optical Networking (DE).

PICabooPhotonic Integrated Circuits on InP technology plAtform enaBling low cost metro netwOrks and next generation PONs

Purpose of the project:

Cloud applications, 5G and IoT are pushing modern networks over the edge to satisfy the stringent high capacity and low latency demands. Photonic integration is a key enabling technology to tackle the new challenges and to bring new products and services to the market. PICaboo will develop novel building blocks on the InP PIC platform of TUe and III-V Lab based on the generic foundry model aiming to enhance PIC performances and reduce development costs. It will develop compact models of the building blocks and will compile them in PDK-compatible libraries allowing designers to explore their use in a wide range of applications hence maximizing their exploitation potential. PICaboo PIC demonstrators will transform the optical metro and access networks in terms of speed, footprint, power consumption and cost.