PICaboo project partner III-V Lab at Compound Semiconductor Week 2023

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PICaboo project partner III-V Lab, presented two papers last May, related to the PICaboo project. The presentations took place during Compound Semiconductor Week 2023 conference.

The first paper is entitled ”Integration by SAG of multiple SIBH-DFB lasers with optimized performance over >100 nm in the O-band” and it is written by G. Afonso, G. Cerulo, N.Vaissiere, V. Vakarin, A. Elias, C. Fortin, J-F. Paret, D. Lanteri, K. Mekhazni, F. Pommereau, and J. Decobert. The second paper is entitled ”Integrated InP based Angled MMI (demultiplexer ) for coarse division demultiplexing” and it is written by Shirley Prado de la Cruz, Vladyslav Vakarin, Giancarlo Cerulo, Christophe Caillaud, Nicolas Vaissiere, Alessandro Aimone, Jean Decobert, Frédéric Grillot and Frédéric Pommereau.

Find out more about PICaboo papers at 🔗 https://urlis.net/go6vhw4x