Project objectives

Development of a polarization handling toolbox on the InP technology platform of TUe

Development of balanced photodetectors and widely tunable laser on the InP platform of TUe.

Development of a high speed Selective-Area-Growth enabled PIC platform operating in the Oband based on III-V Lab’s InP Semi-Insulated Buried-Heterostructure technology

Development of low-loss passive structures, high-speed EAMs, gain sections and DFB lasers on the novel SAG-SIBH platform of III-V Lab

Generation of physical models of the developed building blocks in the form of PDK-compatible libraries.

Development of a dual polarization coherent receiver PIC leveraging all-optical DSP functions for optical metro networks and datacentre interconnect applications.

Development of EAM-based transmitter PICs employing all-optical pre-equalization on-chip for next generation PONs and 5G/6G fronthaul applications.

Validation of the developed PIC demonstrators and exploitation of project foreground in relevant application areas.